We had such an amazing time!! Honestly, the weekend will go down as one of the funnest, most memorable birthdays the twins have ever had. Every single person in the group had a blast. Just to drive home that point, even after it poured all night, with temps dropping into the low 40s, and rain continuing throughout Sunday, when given the option to call it an early day and skip the waterfall hike, NOT ONE of the group of 15 wanted to leave early. No one wanted the trip to end.
— Debra K.
We participated in TAO Guides’ season kick-off experience of hiking and camping at Jordan Lake. It was fabulous! As an inexperienced hiker and camper, I felt completely taken care of. The TAO team took care of everything and all I had to do was enjoy the experience, the people, and the gorgeous scenery. They led us on a great hike with beautiful vistas of the lake. When we arrived at the campsite, the tents were already pitched and the atmosphere was so relaxed it made me feel like I was on vacation. We strolled to the lake where kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and hammocks were waiting for us. The kids paddled and laughed the afternoon away. The evening was a joy with dinner, campfire and s’mores. As a parent, it was magical to watch all of the kids play games by the fire – it is the stuff memories are made of. In the morning, the coffee was delicious and breakfast had something for everyone. Before we could blink, but after hot chocolate, the kids were out on the water again. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to go hiking and camping with extremely professional, friendly and genuine people…and create memories to last a lifetime.
— Lili, Frolyk

I’ve traveled and adventured with one of TAO’s guides many times and I have to say, every time, it’s an unmatched experience. The guides are superbly knowledgeable on terrain, equipment, history, and the hidden places few nature loving people truly get to witness. Safety is of the utmost importance to TAO as well. We have fun exploring but at all times they are aware of situations that could result in serious injury and provide safety briefings ahead of time. This is all well and good but the most important reason I keep returning to trips lead by them is actually quite simple. You can see the passion for nature and being outdoors in their eyes. It’s not something you can fake, buy, or explain in words. Not too many people I know literally run towards a waterfall smiling ear to ear like a kid in a candy store screaming at the top of their lungs. Their enthusiasm is infectious.
— Chih-Wei

I LOVE this adventure excursion! Bryan and his coworkers are so incredibly knowledgeable and personable that you feel like family with them. He is always so well prepared and ensures all of his guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves no matter what. Ive been on the sunset kayak at Jordan lake twice and need to go on a camping adventure next!
— Katie, Chapel Hill

I can’t say enough about the TAO guides! I’ve had some of the best experiences on their trips!! The highly skilled and courteous guides are exceptional when it comes to knowing about gear, trails, camping and everything in between. I highly recommend this Outfitter for any adventures you desire to take on!
— Larredo

I’ve been on many trips with one of TAO’s guides. They are very knowledgeable of the different areas. Everything is well planned and I’ve always had a fantastic experience, its unmatched! They are very knowledgeable about all the equipment and safety. Its great to experience areas with people who have a love for the outdoors. Whether you have minimal hiking/outdoor experience or are advanced, this is a great company to go with!
— Meagan