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Why TAO Guides?

Triangle Adventure Outfitters is a full service, fully-insured outdoor guide company based in Raleigh, NC. Since 2011, we have been leading trips around NC and beyond. With over 45 years of combined experience, our staff can curate a trip for you and your group that you will never forget. We primarily focus on corporate wellness - giving co-workers an experience to bond outside of their workplace; however, we can create custom adventures upon request.

Why Outdoor Adventures?

Recent international studies have shown that spending time outside is one of the greatest ways to improve your mental and physical well-being simultaneously. It helps facilitate essential connections within yourself and with those around you, in a way that our daily lives don't allow for.

With our busy 9-5 lifestyles, the simple pleasure of sitting around a campfire and sleeping under the stars has become a forgotten pastime. Although we're not here to tell you to go hug a tree, there are certain undeniable, primal instincts that are critical for healthy minds and bodies that can only be found in the outdoors. 

Allow us to (re)connect you and yours with a little dose of the great outdoors. It's just what the doctor ordered!